Scenario 1: Is there a minimal interval between routine vaccine and covid-19 vaccine?

Yes, Covid-19 vaccine and other vaccines should be separated by an interval of 14 days. You should routinely administer Covid-19 vaccine alone.

*However you may administer Covid-19 vaccine and other vaccine within a shorter period in situations where the benefits of vaccination overweigh the potential risk of vaccine co-administration such as tetanus toxoid and rabies vaccine.

Scenario 2: I Was Covid +ve But Have Recovered

After how many days can a person take Covid-19 vaccine if Covid positive (received plasma/admitted in hospital) and recovered?

  • 3 months after recovery/discharge from hospital (as per the latest guideline)


Scenario 3: Lactating Mother

Can lactating mothers take Covid-19 vaccine? Yes. As per recent guidelines from Department of Health & Welfare clearly states that lactating mothers can take Covid vaccine.

Covid 19 Guideline For Lactating Mothers

Scenario 4: During Pregnancy

Yes. Recent guidelines from FOGSI states that a pregnant women can take Covid vaccine. The benfit outweighs the risk significantly.

Link to read more on the above point.



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