What are the 15 things we can do to be safe from Corona?

Here are the "Lets Promise Steps" that we can do / follow and do our bit for the community:

1) Greet without physical contact

  • Indian greeting Namastey is the best

2) Maintain physical distance (atleast 6 feet)

3) Wear re-usable handmade facecover or mask (atleast 2 layer) at all times

4) Avoid touching nose, eyes & mouth

5) Maintain respiratory hygiene. While it is difficult, try Jal Neti kriya (yoga excercise)

6) Wash hands frequently & thoroughly. Follow the proper hand washing etiquette and wash for atleast 20 secs. If you have been outside your home, ensure that you wash your hands first, before touching anything in your house

7) Regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, including your mobile phone

8) Do not spit in the open

9) Avoid travel unless necessary

10) Do not discriminate against anyone, especially if someone has been infected with Covid. Everyone needs support in these tough times

11) Discourage crowd - Encourage safety

12) Do not circulate social media posts (negative news, unverified treatments, myths etc.)

13) Seek information from credible sources only (for Covid 19)

14) Call national toll-free helpline numbers like 1075 or state helpline numbers. Google for finding relevant contacts

15) Seek psychological support for any stress or anxiety. Talk to friends and family over Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom and connect with them

Lets Promise To Take Precaution From Covid


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