Call of Duty Mobile - Ultimate Solo Tournament

Call of Duty Mobile - Ultimate Solo Tournament

Ultimate Tournament for free and compete for a prize pool of Rs. 1000! Don't delay because the battlefield is swarming with enemies.

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Call of Duty Mobile - Ultimate Solo Tournament

Can you handle the heat? If you think you can, Join our Call of Duty: Ultimate Tournament for free and compete for a prize pool of Rs. 1000! Don't delay because the battlefield is swarming with enemies.

In case of any queries regarding schedule and lobby details or live support, please contact our tournament admin through discord channel @

Tounament Details:

Game - Call of Duty Mobile
Platform / Device - Mobile
Tournament size - 2000
Discipline - Solo
Tournament Format - Battle Royale
Registration ends - 27-Dec-2020 at 12.00 PM
Age Limit - Open to All age groups
Organiser - Gaming Monk

Kindly check FAQ's and Terms and Conditions before filling the registration form.


Tournament Rules:

  • Lobby Details will be communicated 15 mins before the match time through whatsapp, discord or SMS.
  • Participants should join the lobby at least 10 mins before the match time.
  • Playing via Emulators/Controllers is not allowed 
  • Use of Tank is not allowed. Any player found using Tank will be disqualified from the Tournament and may result in a ban.
  • All other classes are allowed
  • Decision taken by the Admin Team will be final and binding and won't be changed or reverted under any circumstances
  • Admin Team has right to ban/kick any player without prior notice
  • Players are required to take screenshots of their match results and video recording in case they find someone cheating/teaming in the match and they could submit it to the Moderators on Discord or on Support 
  • COD Mobile in-game name will be accepted and not the UID. In case you have submitted your UID, please get it changed via Support or ask Moderators for help on Discord -
  • Organizer holds full rights to postpone or cancel the event. Details of which will be communicated on the registered whatsapp number, email address or discord. 
  • In case of cancellation of the event full refund will be provided to the participant.
  • Call of Duty Mobile in-game name (as shown in the picture below) submitted during registration should match at the time of match or else the player will be disqualified
  • Winners should submit the screenshot to the organizer through discord or support section on Gaming Monk to claim their prizes.
  • Results are typically generated within 24 hours of the tournament
  • Teaming/Hacking is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
  • This tournament will be in Best of 1 Match format
  • Kills won't be counted in this Tournament
  • Finale will be held on the same day

Prize Pool:

  • Top 4 players will be selected from each group for the Final match and only the participants in the Final match will be eligible for the cash reward
  • Top 20 players from Final match will receive cash rewards from the Prize Pool of Rs. 1000
  • Prizes are eligible based on the results of the final match of the Call of Duty Mobile - Ultimate Solo Tournament Finale only.
  • Prizes are subject to change based on the number of participants / registrations. Participants can contact the organizer for more information.
  • Cash Prizes are subject to TDS deduction as defined by the Government of India.
  • Participants can consult the organizer to know the medium of prize distribution.
  • Winners should submit the screenshot of their match to the organizer to claim their prizes
  • All prizes shall be claimed only with the organizer. BookMyShow hold’s no responsibility in the event if the organizer fails to distribute the prizes.

How To Play:

  • Open the Game and click on Multiplayer on the left side of the Menu
  • Click on Private on the bottom of the screen
  • You'll get in a lobby. Now, click on the Search Room icon on the top right of the screen - The First Option
  • Enter the Room ID of the Match you received via SMS/Notification or you can also check on 'My Matches' on our App or Website
  • Click on Search and then type in the Password you received
  • Wait for the Admin to start the game

Event Date:Sun 27 Dec 2020

Event Venue:Play Online

Event Duration:1 Hour 55 Minutes

Event Time:12 PM

Age Group:All

  1. Terms and Conditions

    Click here to expand

    Each participant must agree to these Competition Rules in order to participate in the “Call of Duty Mobile - Ultimate Solo Tournament”. A participant may accept these Competition Rules by registering to participate in the “Call of Duty Mobile - Ultimate Solo Tournament” in accordance with the Registration Rules or by participating in the Tournament.


    General terms:

    1. Age Limit: Open to all age groups

    2. Registration details once submitted cannot be changed. Kindly check all the details before registration.

    3. All prizes shall be claimed only with the organizers. BookMyShow hold’s no responsibility in the event if the organizer fails to distribute  the prizes. 

    4. By registering you agree that all details provided are accurate and can be shared with the organiser for marketing and communication purposes, any change in details will result in cancellation of registration.

    5. Prizes are subject to change based on the number of participants / registrations. Participants can contact organizer for more information

    6. Participants have to submit a mobile number and valid email-id during registration.

    7. Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.

    8. Internet handling fee per ticket may be levied, please check your total amount before payment.

    9. Participants also agree to share the data with BookMyShow and Gaming Monk for marketing and communication purposes.

    10. In case of disqualification, the organizer or BookMyShow will not be liable for refund of registration fee.


    Participants can be disqualified if they: 

    1. Do not show up at scheduled start times of the matches. All players have to join the lobby in a given time. Failure of the same will result in disqualification.

    2. Purposely stall or attempt to block the tournament from starting. 

    3. Use of emulators or any other kind of third-party tools/hacks which allow them to play the game on a PC is not permitted

    4. Intentionally use bugs, glitches, or errors. First offences of this type will result in a participant forfeiting their game. Second offences will result in elimination from the event and all future events. 

    5. Teaming/Hacking is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

    6. Add, modify, or remove game files from their intended state. 

    7. Intentionally change their character’s angle to look through texture or object. Players are not allowed to set two actions to the same key in key bindings. 

    8. Indulge in betting during the course of the tournament (by a player, squad, or on behalf of anyone associated with a squad). Betting will result in disqualification from the tournament and a six-month ban. 

    9. Undertake personal streaming without prior approval from the Organizer. This offence can lead to squad disqualification or a tournament ban for the offender. 

    10. A participant can only participate once in each qualifier. If we find multiple entries, the participant will be removed from the tournament

    11. If the details of the participant submitted during registration are different from one playing the match, the participant will be disqualified without prior notification.

    12. Players are prohibited from using any language that is obscene, abusive, hateful, insulting, threatening, racist, or otherwise offensive or objectionable.

    Note: Participants can choose to forfeit a match if they wish. Forfeiting will result in 0 points from that match.

    Technical Issues: 

    1. Participants must install the newest version of the game. Updates must be installed before the tournament starts. 

    2. Participants are responsible for their own technical issues (hardware/internet). Matches will not be rescheduled or paused due to technical issues.

    3. Organizer reserves the right to edit In-Game Names and/or URL aliases. Player names that are too similar to those of other players are subject to be changed. If a player name has been wrongly seized, please contact the organizer with proof of ownership.

    4. Casting a match is only permitted with approval from Organizer



    All the notifications will be sent through SMS, Whatsapp and Email, only by the organizer. BookMyshow will never call to inform and verify the details or the schedule of the tournament.


    Protest and Redressal: 

    1. If a match has been incorrectly reported into our system, your squad has 10 minutes to report it. Match protests must include media evidence clearly indicating the results of the match/series. Participants are responsible for providing proof of match results. 

    2. A rematch can only be initiated by an admin/moderator. Disconnects and lag issues will only qualify for a rematch if the issue occurs within the first 60 seconds of a game and affects a significant number of players. 

    3. All participants must adhere to the decisions of tournament organizers, admins, and referees. All decisions are final, except in cases where the option to appeal is clearly stated. 

    4. Conversations, either verbal or written, between organizers, admins, or referees, and participants are confidential. Publicly sharing these conversations is strictly forbidden, unless permission is obtained.



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