Online Clue Hunt - Secret Agent 09

Online Clue Hunt - Secret Agent 09

This is a 30-minute online Clue Hunt game that you can participate in as an individual or a family or a team. You have to play from your home itself. First a WhatsApp message will be sent with rules & instructions, and thereafter a website link will be shared for the game.

Starting from INR 300
Event Expired
  • Duration
    45.0 minutes
  • No of Seats
    5 to15
  • City
  • Event Date
Online Clue Hunt - Secret Agent 09

Game Storyline: In the midst of the lock down, a rogue nation’s dictator has suddenly disappeared. While some speculate that he was struck by the virus himself, others even said he has died due to his prevailing heart condition. Until he magically reappeared last night after a week.

Date :- 8th October,2020 to 31st October,2020

Time:- 45 Minutes

Online (Play From Home)

Now, the secret intelligence agencies all across the world suspect that he went underground to plan a nuclear attack to gain supremacy while every country is on the back foot.

You receive a call from the National Agency of Intelligence to go undercover, find out more and neutralize any sinister plans of the dictator. You have only 30 minutes in this spy mission!


No incentives or prizes shall be there for the winners of this game.





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