WowChess Tournament

WowChess Tournament

Presenting WowChess Tournaments  Play Daily, Win Daily.

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WowChess Tournament

Presenting WowChess Tournaments

Play Daily, Win Daily.

Time - 9 PM | Location - WowChess App

In Tournament, the User needs to download the app from & Sign up for tournaments. App is available for both android and ios devices. 

Whatsapp Chat Group:

Please find below the schedule and prizes 

It’s fun! So register fast and earn cash just by using some brain.

See you online soon!

Event Date: 16th November 2020 - 21st NOvember 2020

Event Venue: Online

Event Duration: 1 hour

Event Time: 9.00 PM

Age group: 18+

  1. Tournament Details:

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    Mega Tournament

    Every Sunday

    Prize pool - 2000

    Winner - 500

    Runner up - 350

    Entry Fee - 75 WowCoins

    Time- 9pm

    Duration-  60min


    Mini Mega Tournament


    Every Monday

    Every Friday

    Prize pool - 1000

    Winner - 300

    Runner up - 200

    Entry Fee - free

    Time- 9pm

    Duration-  60min

    Prize pool - 1000

    Winner - 400

    Runner up - 200

    Entry Fee - 40 WowCoins

    Time- 9pm

    Duration-  30min



    Express Tournament 

    Every Tuesday 

    Every Thursday 

    Every Saturday

    Prize pool - 500

    Winner - 200

    Runner up - 125

    Entry Fee - 25 WowCoins

    Time- 9pm

    Duration-  30min

    Prize pool - 500

    Winner - 200

    Runner up - 125

    Entry Fee - 25 WowCoins

    Time- 9pm

    Duration-  30min

    Prize pool - 500

    Winner - 200

    Runner up - 125

    Entry Fee - 25 WowCoins

    Time- 9pm

    Duration-  30min

  2. Disclaimer:

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    • The views expressed by the individual artists and performers ("Artist(s)"), either in course of their performance, or on their social media channels, or any third party channels and platforms, online or offline or otherwise (collectively, "Channels"), are solely their own and neither do they represent those of BookMeTickets nor are they endorsed in any manner by BookMeTickets, its associates and affiliates. 
    • Artists at all times remain fully and solely liable and responsible for their actions, expressions and/or views. BookMeTickets will not be responsible for their actions, expressions and/or views, and any claims, damages, outrage arising due to the comments, pictures or videos posted by the Artists on the Channels. 
    • Additionally, BookMeTickets shall not be held liable or responsible for any violation of intellectual property rights that may arise out of any Artist performance.
    • By registering yourself on BookMeTickets, you hereby expressly agree to the above terms.

  3. FAQs:

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    How do I report a bug?

    Call us @95605 90195 or mail at with a brief about the issue and a screenshot, if you can manage. The helpline team will look into it. 


    What happens when someone is caught cheating?

    If players/accounts are found to be breaking the code, cheating or using means to gain undue advantage in the tournaments – will be disqualified from the tournament(s), and repeated attempts will result in getting their accounts blocked. Such players will not be entitled to the prizes. WowChess/Uniformo Gaming and Tech Pvt. Ltd. relies on experienced aribiters to resolve such cases and their verdict will be considered final.


    What count as cheating on wow chess?

    Players are NOT allowed to indulge in any activity with an intent to cheat, gain advantage, game the system, using programs to fool the application and internal checks or using engines during the gameplay on an separate computer/device. No player is allowed to play for a friend/family/acquaintance using the other’s account. Any player found indulging in any of the above mentioned activities, will be considered cheating.


    How can I see the captured pieces?

    You can see the captured pieces on the game screen below each player’s profile icons. 


    How are winners determined in an arena tournament?

    In an arena format, The player with maximum Points at the end of the tournament duration will be declared as the winner of that particular tournament. Please refer to the tournament info on each of the tournament card for detailed infomartion on points and awards.


    How do I register for tournaments?

    Tournaments can be free or paid, which can be identified from the details mentioned on each card. Select the tournament you would like to play and press the “Join now” button to register.


    For how long do the tournaments run?

    Every tournament may have a different duration which is clearly mentioned in each tournament card. 


    What do I win in a cash tournament?

    Every tounrmaent has a different set of criterias, prize pool being one of them. Your winnings will depend upon your ranking and the prize pool of the tournament.


    Can I join a contest in the middle of the tournament?

    Yes you can join the tournament in the middle of the series, however it lowers your chance to earn a better rank at the leaderboard as there may be players who joined the tournament before you and may have played a number of games already.


    When will I get my prize money in wallet?

    The Prize money will be transfered to your wowchess wallet, moments after the tournament ends.


    Is there a minimum participation needed for a tournament to begin?

    Yes, some tournaments may or may not have a minimum criteria. Please check the individual tournament cards for the tournament details.


    How many times can I attempt in a tournament?

    You can play as many games as you want in a tournament, depending on the game formats, till the tournament is over.


    Can I have multiple accounts using the same email id?

    No, with the same email-id, you are not allowed to have multiple accounts on the WowChess platform.


    How do I change my email address?

    In the user profile section, visit “view profile” to change/edit any of the details.


    What currency are payments made in? 

    The payments on WowChess platform are made only in INR.


    Is KYC verification necessary to join touranments on wowchess ?

    To join a paid tournament it is not necessary to complete your KYC verification, however to withdraw your winnings it is necessary to complete that step. All KYC requests are verified within 1 working day.


    Do I have to pay taxes when I withdraw money to my bank account?

    Yes, TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) of 31.2% is applicable on winnings/withdrawals above INR 10,000.


    My Money was not received in my account after raising a withdrawal request.

    All withdrawal requests are processed within 2 working days. If you have not received the amount after 2 working days, please call us at 9560590195 or mail us at


    After submitting my number the screen is static. not going ahead. What to do?

    Please refresh your app or You can call @95605 90195 or mail at with the screenshot of the bug .

  4. Terms & Conditions:

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    Age Limit: 18+

    Effective date: January 16, 2020

    Uniformo Gaming and Tech Pvt. Ltd. provides its service through to you subject to the following terms and conditions (the “Terms of Service”).

    This document, as maybe amended from time to time, is a legally binding agreement between the Users/Participants/Players or visitors of the website/mobile application (hereinafter referred to as “Users” or “You” or “Yourself” or “Your” and such other adjectives) and Uniformo Gaming and Tech Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Company” or “We” or “Our” and such other adjectives). Users shall be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use upon using the features, services and participating in the tournament etc. hosted by the Company on its website accessible at “ “ or mobile application (hereinafter referred to as “Services”). You are requested to read the Terms and Conditions of Use carefully, before availing the Services of the Company. By accepting these Terms and Conditions of Use, You shall be bound by the Privacy Policy of the Company as well. If You do not accept the Terms and Conditions of Use stated herein, We would request You stop using the Services and exit the Website or mobile application.  


    General Rules

    User(s) may not use the Website in order to transmit, distribute, store or destroy material(s): (a) that could constitute or encourage conduct, that would be considered a criminal offence or violate any applicable law or regulation, (b) in a manner that will infringe the copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights of others or violate the privacy or publicity of other personal rights of others, or (c) that is libelous, defamatory, pornographic, profane, obscene, threatening, abusive or hateful.


    Each User shall have only one account on Our website/mobile application (hereinafter referred to as “Participant ID” or “User ID”). The User ID must be created using Your correct name and details. You may not use the Service by means of another person’s User ID. In case You attempt to operate more than one User ID, under Your own name or under any other name, or attempt to use the Service by means of any other person’s account, the Company shall be entitled to close all Your User IDs and bar You from using Our Services in future immediately. You hereby acknowledge and undertake that You have read and understood the rules and regulations of the Company’s Services and shall abide by these rules and regulations at all times, as may be published and periodically from time to time.

    The rules that govern the Services offered by the Company form part of the Terms and Conditions of Use and may be available under the “About Game” section or a similar section on the website or mobile application of the Company. However, all rules may or may not be explicitly mentioned on the website or mobile application. The User is encouraged to seek clarification by using the customer services offered. In such matters relating to the rules governing the Services, the decision of the Company shall be final and binding upon the User. The User agrees to abide by them by accepting these Terms and Condition of Use.

    Any personal data collected will be used by Uniformo Gaming and Tech Pvt Ltd to contact you via phone, SMS or email for marketing and to deliver certain updates for services or information you have requested.



    Any breach of the terms and conditions contained hereinabove, by the User, shall entitle the Company to terminate/cancel his/her User ID permanently with immediate effect.

    The Company further reserves the right to terminate its services being availed by the User, in case it discovers that the User has been involved in any case of misrepresentation, fraud or any other criminal activity within the meaning of the Indian Penal Code.



    If You suspect that any player is involved in any type of cheating or malicious activities, You can report to Us by calling on +91- 9560590195, or email us at .



    Feel free to contact us in case of any questions or concerns; any change in Your personal information, You forget Your password, or suspect that someone else has learnt and used Your password. 

    You can call on Our Customer Support Number +91- 9560590195 (Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM | Mon – Sat). In case of any clarification that You may wish to seek regarding anything related to Your User ID, please send us email at: .



    You hereby accept the fact that You have read, understood and are willing to abide by the above Terms and Conditions of Use.

    WowChess Community Policies 

    Members are expected to treat others how they would like to be treated and to follow the specific guidelines below. Players and community members who are unable to follow these rules will be subject to warnings, restricted privileges, separated playing pools, or even having their accounts closed.

    Community Conduct Rules

    • Be helpful, forgiving and patient
    • We will not tolerate racism, sexism, bigotry, or violent threats
    • Do not abuse, attack, threaten, discriminate, or mistreat other members in any way
    • Do not hijack threads, troll, or post distracting or meaningless content
    • Do not post advertisements, spam, or copy/paste messages
    • Do not promote your club/ tournaments/ events
    • Do not share/ debate religious or political topics
    • Do not post obscene/ pornographic content
    • Do not discuss illegal activities
    • Do not open more than one account

    Sportsmanship Policy

    • Do not harass or accuse your opponents
    • Do not abort games frequently
    • Do not make your opponents wait for no reason
    • Do not disconnect or quit without resigning when lost

    FairPlay Policy

    • Do not get help from any other person, player, or coach
    • Do not use chess engines, plugins, bots or any tools that analyze positions/ pieces during play
    • Do not collude with others to affect the result of gameplay and/or to lose intentionally
    • Do not interfere with the gameplay of other members
    • Do not allow anyone else to use your account or access anyone else’s account
    • Do not artificially manipulate outcomes/ results, ratings or matches
    • If you suspect your opponent is using outside help, this is not an excuse for you to do the same. Please report the player
    • Do not attempt to change/ alter the Internet Protocol (IP) Address and/or Geo-location

    What are the rules?

    • No chess programs or engines (e.g. Chessmaster, Fritz, Komodo, Houdini, Stockfish, Chessbase with any active UCI engine, etc.) can be used to analyze positions in ongoing games at any time.  
    • Fixing game results by collusion like playing with multiple accounts or losing intentionally is also against the rules.
    • Do not let anyone else play on your account! This is strictly against the rules! 
    • We are also authorised to suspend and permanently block any account that we feel is not abiding by the FairPlay Policy.

    How do I report someone whom I do not believe to be abiding by the FairPlay Policy?

    • You may only report another player if you have played a minimum of 2 games with that player in a tournament or other gameplay.
    • If you have reason to believe someone is referencing the illegal assistance of engine analysis, please report the player through a formal mail to, mentioning the reasons. We will conduct a thorough investigation, gathering statistics and reports on said user, keeping all findings confidential, taking appropriate action against the reported user if/when a concrete assessment has been made. 
    • Please do not discuss your suspicions in the forums, including our Whatsapp group or public chat
    • Any of the above described public accusations / actions against a member may lead to your own account being restricted, regardless of what is found against the accused.

    How is the investigation conducted??

    • Our analysis involves comparing human moves to computer moves and looking at the statistical significance of said moves. 
    • We use an Arbiter panel for the final decision and it is final.
    • To remain effective, other aspects of our detection methods are confidential.

    What happens to a player who is found to have violated the rules of FairPlay on WowChess?

    • We may take a call to close their account immediately.
    • Penalty on funds/amount/WowCoins/bonus deduction from user’s/ player’s WowChess account may be levied, the penalty amount to be decided by WowChess at its sole discretion.
    • Immediately blocking User’s/Player’s access to WowChess including but not limited to stopping them from all forms of gameplay that they are playing and/or are registered in any tournaments in future on WowChess..
    • Seizing all funds/amount/Wowcoin/bonus held in all WowChess accounts of the User/Player.
    • Termination/closure of all WowChess accounts of the User/Player.
    • In some first time transgressor cases, we offer a chance for written admission and apology. If this is given, we may sometimes allow the opening of a new account.
    • Taking appropriate legal action against a User/Player under applicable law in the jurisdiction.
    • We are also authorised to suspend and permanently block any account that we deduce is not abiding by the FairPlay Policy.

    If I reported someone for FairPlay violation, why hasn’t their account been closed?

    • We appreciate your support and you reporting your suspicions, but ultimately WowChess will decide and that decision will be final. If we have not closed their account then the evidence is not conclusive.



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